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Creating roundness from out-of-round conditions is the magic of centerless grinding. Bader’s three centerless tube polisher setups can achieve roundness, surface finish and dimensional tolerances that are among the best available.


The centerless tube polisher attachment converts the 5HP Space Saver into a centerless grinding and polishing machine in minutes. Typical uses include finishing hand rails, punches, hydraulic shafts, tubular furniture stock and large-diameter drawn steel and aluminum cylinders, as well as applications designed to grind, deburr, clean and polish parts in preparation for plating or painting.

Stock from 1/4” to 10” OD may be run in lengths up to 25 feet, provided the bar weight does not exceed 300 pounds and stock supports are used. The speed and direction of feed are controlled by a single handle. This same handle is used to release grinding pressure as needed to release threads, plunge-cut only one section of the piece or grind up to a flange and remove. The machine adjusts for changes in stock diameter in less than a minute.

Centerless Attachment Only

For use on 5 HP Space Saver. Includes regulating wheel, regulating wheel guard, workrest roller and support. Less contact wheel. $5250

Bader Wheel Centerless

Wheel centerless for use with abrasive impregnated nylon wheels, flap wheels and wire brushes. Complete with 5 HP, 3-phase TEFC motor, regulating wheel, handwheel adjustment for wheel wear, work rest roller and guards less abrasive wheel. Manual starter and stand to operate both motors. $8550

Standard Bader Centerless

Complete standard 5 HP Bader Space Saver with centerless attachment, work rest roller, regulating wheel, regulating wheel guard, cloth contact wheel, lock-in hub, flanges and belt guard with 4” dust collection outlet. For use with 3” x 132” belts. $10,250

Linear Bearing Bader Centerless

Complete 5 HP Bader Space Saver with centerless attachment modified for use in finishing tapered, irregular, out-of-round or thin-walled parts. Regulating wheel head is mounted on lineal bearings to allow the head to float. Constant controllable pressure is maintained by an air cylinder. Cylinder may be foot pedal activated for plunge cuts and to speed the feeding of small parts. $11,0250


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650 pounds




230/460 3ph

Belt speeds

1,500 to 9,000 SFPM

Contact wheel diameter


Contact wheel width

up to 3"

Belt width

1" to 3"

Belt length


Custom widths

up to 6" wide


Standard Bader Centerless Polisher, Bader Wheel Centerless, Linear Bearing Bader Centerless, Centerless Attachment Only

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