BIII Bench Model

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The most versatile and easiest-to-use machine available

A rugged and powerful machine designed for production grinding and polishing, but priced for tool room and maintenance applications.

The easy-to-use tracking system and the ability to quickly change between a variety of useful accessories makes the BIII the most versatile bench model available.

  • Easy and precise tracking
  • Adjustable belt tension
  • Quick-change attachments
  • Accepts contact wheels 1/2”- 14”-inch OD



The BIII can use wheels from 1/2” OD to 14” OD and from 1/4” to 2” wide while maintaining a constant belt length of 72”. Wheels are available flat-faced or shaped in rubber, cotton or felt. Rear power allows you to maintain a constant belt speed regardless of contact wheel diameter or accessory tip.

Standard equipment includes on belt guard, heavy-duty arm with 6×2 serrated rubber contact wheel, one ada[tor arm with BJ tip and two BJ wheels, full voltage switch, 6 1/4” and 3” drive pulleys for 5800 & 2800 SFPM.

Additional drive pulleys are available to yield belt speeds from 1500 to 9000 SFPM.

Optional contact wheel sizes and accessory tips may be substitutes for standard equipment at the cost of their respective price differentials. Magnetic starters, workrests, special purpose tips and floor pedestals not shown are readily available upon request.

The standard machine is powered by a 2HP, 3 phase, 3450 rpm, TEFC motor. Variable speed with E-stop and brake, single phase or 1725 rpm motors are available as options.

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130 pounds


1, 1.5 or 2


230/460 3 ph; 110/220 1 ph

Belt speeds

1500-9000 SFPM

Contact wheel diameter

9/16" to 14"

Contact wheel width

up to 2"

Belt width

1/4" to 2"

Belt length


Custom widths

up to 3" wide

Motor Options

2HP 3450 RPM 230-460 volt 3 phase TEFC motor $2,340
2 HP 3450 RPM 110-220 volt single phase TEFC motor $2,340
Variable speed inverter with digital control, E-STOP and brake for above units Quoted on request
1 1/2 HP variable speed with Nema 12 VFD drive for use on 115 volt single phase power only $3,170
HP with Nema 4 variable speed control for 220 single phase or 230 volt three phase $3,310
2 HP with Nema 4 variable speed control for 460/480 volt three phase $3,420

Machine prices include OSHA-required belt guard

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