Bader Air Portable Belt Sander


Small and agile

This versatile 7-pound machine, which may be bench- or lathe-mounted, is perfect for grinding and finishing welds and surface imperfections on handrails, tanks, pressure vessels, large castings, metal furniture and fabricated steel, aluminum and stainless products. Belt tracking is positive and accurate. Belt changes are made in seconds.



Powered by a 1.6 HP, 10,000 RPM air motor with a dead-man switch, the portable belt sander interchangeably uses contact wheels from 9/16” to 5” OD and 1/4” to 1” wide with a constant 42” belt length and 5500 SFPM surface speed. It may be equipped for use with 2” wide belts at no extra cost.

Contact wheels may be flat-faced or shaped to fit a desired fillet radius. Cloth wheels are available for finishing, as is a 5” long platen for flat work. Stock removal is generally done against the contact wheel while the slack of the belt behind the wheel is used for blending.


Additional information


7 pounds

Contact wheel diameter

9/16" to 5"

Contact wheel width

up to 2"




Air motor

Belt speeds

5,500 SFPM

Belt width

1/4" to 2"

Belt length