3M™ Scotch-Brite™ SE Surface Conditioning Low Stretch Belt


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Scotch Brite ™ non-woven, surface conditioning belts clean, blend, deburr and finish, removing surface imperfections, grindlines, mill and other marks. Reinforced backing and non-woven open web material provides superior flexibility for detail work, over contours and edges removing surface imperfections, grindlines, mill and other marks. Reduced loading and heat build-up allow extended operating time and consistent surface conditioning results. Available in satin finish, coarse, medium, very fine and super fine.

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2“x72” satin finish, 2“x72” coarse, 2“x72” medium, 2“x72” very fine, 2“x72” super fine, 1“x72” satin finish, 1“x72” coarse, 1“x72” medium, 1“x72” very fine, 1“x72” super fine, 2“x132” satin finish, 2“x132” coarse, 2“x132” medium, 2“x132” very fine, 2“x132”super fine, 3“x132” satin finish, 3“x132” coarse, 3“x132” medium, 3“x132” very fine, 3“x132” super fine