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Felt wheels are used when a combination of conformability and shape holding are required in a contact wheel. An example would be polishing a concave radius in the face of a workpiece.

All standard felt wheels come with a 1 ½” arbor hole. Other sizes may be ordered on request.

Felt wheels are ordered by stating their dimensions (OD x width) and hardness.

Felt wheels are available in 3” to 18” OD and ½” to 6” wide. Wheels come in two hardnesses that are useful as contact wheels:

  • Hard
  • Medium

Medium-hard is available for specific applications.

Depending upon your machine or attachment, there are a few different shaft/bearing combinations that will fit your wheel. Please specify which one you need when ordering a wheel with shaft and bearings

  • HDBJ
  • Tapered
  • Lock-in