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Diamond crosscut wheels are an excellent choice when the work piece has demanding sharp contours and angular features. Made of durable folded rubber discs, the diamond crosscut allows the belt to flex without wandering and run cooler, extending belt life and improving operator efficiency.

Diamond crosscuts are ordered by stating their dimensions (OD x width x arbor hole) and hardness.

Available in 6” to 16” OD and 2” to 6” wide and in densities of

  • Soft
  • Medium
  • Hard

All standard wheels come with a 1 ½” arbor hole. Other sizes may be ordered on request.

Depending upon your machine or attachment, there are a few different shaft/bearing combinations that will fit your wheel. Please specify which one you need when ordering a wheel with shaft and bearings

  • HDBJ
  • Tapered
  • Lock-in