3M™ Cloth Belt 967F


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Best belt on stainless. Works on all steels. Very cool cutting. Very long life. ‘YF’ weight backing, suitable for high-pressure grinding applications. Designed for superior offhand and pressure-assisted grinding of hard-to-grind, heat-sensitive alloys – the product of choice for titanium.

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36Y grit by 2“x72”, 36Y grit by 1“x72”, 36Y grit by 2“x132”, 36Y grit by 3“x132”, 50Y grit by 2“x72”, 50Y grit by 1“x72”, 50Y grit by 2“x132”, 50Y grit by 3“x132”, 60Y grit by 2“x72”, 60Y grit by 1“x72”, 60Y grit by 3“x132”, 80Y grit by 2“x72”, 80Y grit by 1“x72”, 80Y grit by 2“x132”, 80Y grit by 3“x132”