3M™ Trizact™ Cloth Belt 337DC


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  • Macroreplicated abrasive “bricks” contain multiple layers of abrasive mineral. “Channels” remove swarf and keep work surfaces cleaner.
  • Controlled mineral breakdown delivers more consistent, predictable finishes over the life of the belt
  • Durable cloth belt is frequently able to grind and finish in one operation
  • Grinding aid reduces friction and keeps workpiece cool for dry grinding applications

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A300 (80) grit by 2“x72”, A300 (80) grit by 1“x72”, A300 (80) grit by 2“x132”, A300 (80) grit by 3“x132”, A160 (120) grit by 2“x72”, A160 (120) grit by 1“x72”, A160 (120) grit by 2“x132”, A160 (120) grit by 3“x132”, A100 (180) grit by 2“x72”, A100 (180) grit by 1“x72”, A100 (180) grit by 2“x132”, A100 (180) grit by 3“x132, A65 (220) grit by 2“x72, A65 (220) grit by 1“x72”, A65 (220) grit by 2“x132”, A65 (220) grit by 3“x132”, A45 (320) grit by 2“x72”, A45 (320) grit by 1“x72”, A45 (320) grit by 2“x132”, A45 (320) grit by 3“x132”, A30 (400) grit by 2“x72”, A30 (400) grit by 1“x72”, A30 (400) grit by 2“x132”, A30 (400) grit by 3“x132”